The thoughts inside my head

To throw another metaphor at the situation, it’s like getting lost in a storm but ending up where you were meant to be rather than where you were heading. Probably not that glamorous though. Maybe more like being drunk and trying to make it to the sofa to sleep, but ending up on a bed. In the spare room. At your friends house. In a different city. Nice when things work out?

We will always have Dallas…

I’ve recently returned from what was a thoroughly excellent holiday to Texas with a brief stint in Mexico as a bonus. The main trip was as part of a relatively big group and I had the pleasure of meeting some excellent people along the way. I suspect I could talk for hours about the trip, […]

On: Optimism, with Belligerence

It’s Monday morning, it’s the start of a new week which would struggle to not be better than the last one and I’m wondering about the practicalities of shooting a mime. Should you use a silencer as a mark of respect? Is that cultural appropriation? Such a minefield these days. Answers in the form of […]