A Glass Box of Emotion

I tend to think that my mind knows itself a lot better than I do. Assuming I haven’t actually had a psychotic break, this functionally means that sometimes I just leave it to do its own thing.

I am not the Wise Old Fish

It’s the weekend, it’s raining and I feel like I’m trapped in a glass box of emotion. I’m not really but the world can always use more Anchorman references. Stay Classy. The picture above is based on a story in a book by David Foster Wallace. As far as I know he first used it […]

On: Optimism, with Belligerence

It’s Monday morning, it’s the start of a new week which would struggle to not be better than the last one and I’m wondering about the practicalities of shooting a mime. Should you use a silencer as a mark of respect? Is that cultural appropriation? Such a minefield these days. Answers in the form of […]

Background Music

It’s the weekend, I’ve had better weeks and I’m wondering if anyone ever feels that the voice of Destiny has spoken to them. Literally stamped words of guidance onto your soul. If this is you, then two things apply. Firstly, seek help. Secondly, we should go for a beer. I’m not a musician. Not by […]

That there 9 til 5 Life

It’s a Thursday morning, this feels like it would work better on a Monday morning and I’m still hoping for the magic moment to come when I feel like I’ve got my shit together. Not really holding my breath, but you’ve got to have hope. So in conversation with a friend this week, it was […]

Perserverance and Perspective

It’s a Monday morning, I’ve just hit a new PR in the Squat and I’m running out of childhood mystery dilemmas to reference. Suggestions on this front welcome, but please message me privately so it isn’t obvious that I stole it. As some of you may have noticed, and a couple (literally 2, but not […]